Co-Working Spaces, the future….

Co-Working Spaces, the future…

Co-Working Spaces are on the increase throughout cities all over the globe.

It’s not difficult to see why the platform is so popular. A swanky high tech office in the heart of the bustling city with low overheads and to top it off, the ability to network and collaborate on projects with people and businesses of the same discipline.


But there’s more to come

There is a multitude of possibilities as to the future direction these types of organizations may chose to take. The one thing they hold in common is the potential to diversify their location’s services, far beyond renting a space in a building.

Competition between these spaces is resulting in more of these establishments catering towards a specific niche in the market and branding around that sector. Entrepreneurs collaborating by industry in this way, could well facilitate the beginnings of real institutions in their respective field. Associate your business by joining their space and you have instant industry specific prestige.

As the job market becomes evermore fierce and freelances continue to increase in numbers, these hubs may soon become the natural progression post schooling. They provide members with the tools and surrounding expertise to enable a self created apprenticeship of types, bringing ideas to life with the support of others. The platform has the potential to rival the higher education model, matching knowledgeable people together and inspiring enterprise. Much like referencing a University to allow yourself an air of gravitas, these Co-Working spaces could in the near future, be held in the same regard.

The possibility of global domination is strengthened when you consider the concept of linking hubs together from city to city, enabling fluid communication and worldwide involvement. Impact Hub is an organization attempting to do just that and in a very short space of time, they have exploded to reach major cities across the world.

Impact Hub

Get in on the action

Search online for “Co-Working Spaces”, check the media, and with friends and colleagues to see which locations are causing a buzz in your area and where possible in your sector. Most of these spaces have trial days or day tours, so go and check them out and compare your experiences.

Before signing up, you need to think hard about what you want from a center. This could be anything from a part time office in the financial district to meet clients, to an artist orientated space simply used for networking with peers. With packages to suit most budgets, you may even decided to sign up with several different organizations to maximize networking potential.

Whatever you decide, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. This industry is in it’s infancy and as it grows, more opportunities will arise which you will want your business to take advantage of.

Watch this space!!!