Our services have been developed to ensure we can offer the complete package.

We split the functions we provide into two areas, select an area for more detail.




We have an open and honest approach to pricing and for peace of mind we always discuss your requirements and agree fees in advance.

The majority of our clients work with us on a retainer basis paying a monthly figure determined by the estimated number of hours required over the course of the year. Rates for retainer clients start from $120 an hour and range depending on the complexity of the work. All fees charged on this basis receive a substantial discount when compared to our standard rates and benefit from what is usually a much more involved relationship with us.

Some of our clients however still prefer to pay on a more project based system and although we don’t spend the entire year working as closely together they still receive the high level of service we provide all our clients. The standard rates start at $160 per hour and again range depending on the level of complexity involved.

As most accountants will tell you, estimating fees is always a tricky business and so we avoid where possible giving ill informed guesses. Instead we prefer to sit down and discuss the work involved and look through the records you have to allow for an accurate and fair estimation.